Jim Fulton schrieb:
FileStorage.FileStorage is the only class in the current ZODB
code that implements this.

I'm a little surprised.

We too. :)

Also, this code isn't ZEO-compatible (apart from the fact that ClientStorage doesn't implement the interface).

How so?

As far as I understand, ZEO can't pass iterators around directly but needs to provide at least some wrapping code on the protocol level ...

Are there any plans to complete this feature?

I would like to see this widely implemented. It is extremely useful. In practice, even when using ZEO, it is easy to use the file storage behind the ZEO.

Note, though, that it is more useful to use ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorge.FileIterator directly as it doesn't require creating a a file-storage instance.

Right, however, in our case, we're talking against the Storage API without any detailed information available (in the best case) and want to stay as storage-independent as possible within reason.

We'd like to be able to iterate over transactions and their records through ZEO and we'd be happy to contribute (in the next days) so this works.

Ok, cool.

We'll try to figure out what needs to be done. And keep the list updated.


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