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   (Jim wrote)
Catalogs and session data change much faster than content. It makes sense to pack these more frequently. On large system, it provides the ability to
spread load over multiple servers, if necessary.

Also, as I understand it, you can get more benefits from the "regular
content" ZODB cache if you're not constantly moving tons of catalog
data through it, so there's a performance win

It seems like all of these potential advantages are available through
the use of multiple storages, but none of them really require database- level
support for cross-storage references.    On the other hand, it seems
clear that cross-storage references make the system as a whole
(software + people) less reliable.

Perhaps I misunderstand, but low-level cross-site references seem like "secret" weakrefs. Maybe we'd be better off if they were explicit, higher- level objects,
used and dereferenced intentionally where required.

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