On Mar 6, 2009, at 5:33 AM, eastxing wrote:

> Yes, I backport some codes from Zope2.12 to make Plone3.1.7 work  
> with ZODB3.9.0a12. I really want to use ZODB3.9 cause zc.async1.5.1  
> needs it.

No, it doesn't.  zc.async works just fine with ZODB 3.8.1.

Notice on this page which version of ZODB was used as a dependency:

zc.async only specifies that it depends on ZODB3, but not the exact  
version, leaving the choice to the application that uses it.

If you are using zc.buildout, and did not specify the exact versions,  
zc.buildout will pick the latest version of any dependency for any  
package -- thus ZODB 3.9 for zc.async.

However, you can nail the ZODB version to 3.8.1 in the versions  
section of your buildout configuration file.  Then, zc.async will be  
quite happy to work with it.  For example,

versions = nailed_versions

ZODB3 = 3.8.1

So, zc.async is certainly not enforcing ZODB 3.9.
It all depends on whether you need ZODB 3.9 features that are not in  
ZODB 3.8.


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