I've been playing around with the new "cache-size-bytes" setting to
limit the ZODB cache sizes.

My ZODB 3.9.3 (Zope 2.12 / Plone) config had a setting of
cache-size-bytes to 128mb and a cache-size of one million (to
effectively disable the object number based checks). This was without
ZEO, a simple FileStorage with a blobstorage enabled.

When using and testing this for a while in a setup with two database
connection threads, things worked fine for a while, but after 10 to 15
minutes of various load patterns things broke down. Both connections
started to minimize their connection cache down to zero objects

It looks like the active cache size isn't properly reduced at some
point and as a result the cache thinks it is already using the maximum

Has anyone used the bytes limited cache in production yet and has any
experience with it?

I can try to isolate the problem some more. Playing around I did
everything from loading objects, packing the database, minimizing
caches, so it's hard to know what might cause this.

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