Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Also feels like a bit of an ask for fixing a deprecation warning bug ;-)
> I don't follow that.  Isn't that what you did?

No, I ran an existing test script with two versions of python and 
verified that it worked as expected in both cases, with no deprecation 
warning being emitted.

>> This would probably be something to do next time the .fs format changes in
>> such a way that repozo needs updating...
> That's not what happened this time is it?

No. md5 became deprecated, the FileStorage format hasn't changed between 
Python 2.4 and 2.6. As far as I'm aware, python versions and .fs formats 
are orthogonal ;-)

> AFAICT, repozo doesn't have automated tests, or this would have been
> caught. This means that repozo is susceptible to breakage at any time.
> I didn't add repozo to ZODB, but without tests, I'd be happy to take
> it out. ;)

Then how do you backup filestorages? What's the official, supported way 
of backing up FileStorages? I'd be more than happy to switch to using 
that instead...


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