On Wednesday, May 08, 2013 12:34:00 PM Tres Seaver wrote:
> > I do not care whether this happens for ZODB 4.0 or 4.1 as long as I
> > get some commitment that 4.1
> Chris and I chatted with Jim about this over beers last Friday.  I
> explained that the current 'py3; branch does not require the 'zodbpickle
> everywhere' stuff (the Python2 side doesn't use 'zodbpickle').  Jim then
> agreed that we could merge that branch before releasing 4.0.  We will
> need to add some caveats to the docs / changelog (Python3 support is only
> for new applications, no forward- / backward-compatibility for data, etc.)
> Given that ZODB won't import or use 'zodbpickle' under Python2, I don't
> think we need to remove the current Python2 support (as released in
> 0.4.1):  the Python3 version (with noload()) has been there all along.

Sounds great, thanks!

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