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> On 04/29/2013 11:00 AM, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Let's keep master stable.  Maybe someone will want to add features
>> before the Python 3 support is stable. I don't want to hold 4.1
>> hostage either.
> Given that the only folks (besides maybe you) invested in ZODB
> development want Py3k support ASAP. I don't see that.  Do you have
> features in mind that you would imagine releasing before we land Py3k
> support?

Yes.  There are lots of features I'd like to add to ZODB.  I tend to work
on them when I have time (infrequently) or where we have a driving
need at ZC.  Long ZODB release cycles provide a lot of stop energy.

The only way to get away from long release cycles is to have a stable
master that's releasable at any time.  OTOH, ZODB is pretty critical
software, so
we have to be very confident in what we merge to master.

>> I suggest breaking the Python 3 work into increments that can each be
>> introduced without sacrificing stability.
>> The first increment could provide Python 3 support without any
>> conversion or compatibility support. This is something you could
>> probably achieve pretty quickly and would allow you meet your
>> immediate goals.
> We are already there, AFAIK, on the 'py3' branch:  the blocker is just
> getting out a release.

All I ask is a stable releasable master.


Jim Fulton
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