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> On 04/29/2013 10:51 AM, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Right. As I suggested, let's get to a point where we can get a stable
>> ZODB 4.0 release for Python 2.  As soon as we get that, let's get a
>> ZODB 4.0.x or 4.1 release that works on Python 3, presumably via
>> zodbpickle.
> As I proposed earlier this morning,

I can only reply to one email at a time. :)

> we can make a non-Py3k,
> non-zodbpickle 4.0b1 release today from the master branch, and a 4.0
> final in a week.
> Once we get that release out, we can then merge the 'py3' branch,
> including adding the requirement for 'zodbpickle' under both Python2 and
> Py3k, and aim for a much expedited 4.1 release which supports Py3k.

I'd rather keep this would on a branch until it's known to be stable.

I suggest instead focusing on getting new Python 3 applications working
without affecting Python 2 apps.  IOW, only use zodbpickle for Python 3

I want to be able to release from master at almost any time.


Jim Fulton
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