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A classic use case for Zone booting over NFS could
be identified within grid computing environment
in order to achieve resource allocation.

This is my initial thought as well.  The approach that I have taken so
far is to keep very good track of everything that is in / (e.g. -
don't allow anyone to write there, cache a copy of any important
modified files on NAS) and to keep all workload-related information on
NAS or in a directory service.

However, this is kinda bad if you don't have very reliable NAS or you
have many terabytes of NAS and have not yet figured out how to handle
lease replacements of many terabytes of NAS in a graceful way.  This
is complicated by the fact that CacheFS is not supported in zones.

Another area worth exploring, I think, is iSCSI.  In the event that
you don't have fancy iSCSI backend hardware, you could likely consider
each zone to be a ZFS pool or a SVM diskset.  You could then mirror
across multiple iSCSI targets as a matter of general practice or as an
online migration strategy.

Looking forward a bit, it seems as though there are some other good
SAN/NAS/etc things happening with Infiniband.  It seems to have the
bandwidth of 10 Gb Ethernet, lower latency than FC or Ethernet, and
some storage vendors (very few) are supporting direct IB connection to
storage.  Others are using FC and/or IP connected gateways that
provide RDMA-based access between the gateway and the host.


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