Thanks for the info all.

So this now raises a couple of related questions :

i) Can an NFS share be either mounted directly into a zone relative to the global root or lofs mounted relative to the global root?
ii) Can an NFS share be lofs mounted via 'zoneadm add fs' into a zone?
iii) If both are possible, what are the merits of each?

The reason for the question is that I cannot administer NFS filesystems from the global zone that have been mounted from within a zone using either /etc/vfstab or mount (although the new zone admin guide on suggests that no other administration should take place from the global zone apart from zone backups)....



Apologies if this has been discussed before. A customer recently insisted that Zones are not supported/do not work if installed on a NAS device. Is this the case?

Booting a zone over NFS (namely where its root file system is on the
NAS device) is not supported at the current time.  There are um...
interesting workarounds like using lofi(7D) available, as Mike Gerdts

Boot support over NFS is definitely something we want to support in the

Just to make it clear though - a Solaris 10 system acting as a NAS
device can itself host its own non-global zones.  They just need to
boot off of local file systems on the system.

Hoping I haven't make the issue more confusing ;)

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