i) Can an NFS share be either mounted directly into a zone relative to the global root or lofs mounted relative to the global root?

I'm not sure on what you're asking specifically.

The global zone can export its own file systems to a non-global zone
via lofs(7FS) (including those it exports to other systems via NFS).

The non-global zone cannot export its own file systems via NFS to its
own non-global zones (due to a deadlock between the VM system and

ii) Can an NFS share be lofs mounted via 'zoneadm add fs' into a zone?

If you mean a global zone's own file system, then yes, a "fs" resource
specifying a loopback mount works fine.

However, if you're asking if the global zone can export via lofs
something it's has already mounted from some *other* system, then the
answer is no - the zone itself must do the NFS mount itself.

iii) If both are possible, what are the merits of each?

Can you explain what you're trying to do and what the particulars are
of the file systems.  That might make it clearer who is trying to
mount/import/export whose file systems. ;)

The reason for the question is that I cannot administer NFS filesystems from the global zone that have been mounted from within a zone using either /etc/vfstab or mount (although the new zone admin guide on docs.sun.com suggests that no other administration should take place from the global zone apart from zone backups)....

Could you point out which section suggests that?  We can improve the
wording to make it clear that NFS (and other) administration in the
global zone is a perfectly good thing to do.

By being unable to administer NFS file systems from the global zone,
can you provide some details?

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