On 7/18/06, Jerry Jelinek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am not sure what the complete sequence of commands is
that you have run to cause this problem.  However, the basic issue
is that the mountpoint property cannot be inherited when you have
zfs datasets that are configured for use in a zone.  You can see
all of the properties, and their source, for your filesystem by running
"zfs get all pool/solarisC/dataset".  If the mountpoint property
shows as "inherited from XXX", then you cannot import that dataset
into the zone.


Thanks for the quick response.

You are right on the money that the mountpoint property was indeed
inherited rather than local.  The error message makes a lot more sense
now.  I thought it was complaining that zoneadm failed to inherit the

Is there anywhere I can read about the design decisions over this?
Why is inherited an issue when used in zones?

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