Wee Yeh Tan wrote:
Is there anywhere I can read about the design decisions over this?
Why is inherited an issue when used in zones?

I am not completely sure why this test was coded this way.
I would have to try to talk to the ZFS engineer who did the
original work and see if he remembers why he coded it this
way.  Ideally this would be documented somewhere but it is
probably too low-level to have been captured and there is
no comment in the code explaining the reasoning.

However, I can probably guess why it was coded this way.
My guess would be that the idea for a delegated dataset is
that you are giving up most of the control of the dataset
from the global zone administrator to the non-global zone
administrator.  Only the quota control is retained in the
global zone.  So, if you have a data set that you have
explicitly set up in the global zone to mount in a non-default
way, then you should not be allowed to delegate that dataset
to the non-global zone.

This is my best guess for why the code does this test.  I'll
see if I can get a better answer to this question.


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