Interesting !

If you propose to lock all the non global zones and do a pkgadd,
how different is it from pkgadd -G ?

For that matter, pkgadd -G is not just for global, but for any
zone. It gives you same kind of result without having to lock zones.
It installs package only in the zone where pkgadd is running.

However, your proposed feature could be used to selectively keep
some of the non global zones active while pkgadd is being done in
the global zone so that they get the package keeping the locked zones

- Amol

James Dickens wrote:
Currently if you create a zone, and install another package in the
global zone, it is installed in the non-global zones. I propose a
feature that you can lock each non-global zone then the new packages
would not be installed in the non-global zones. Of course this only
effects packages that are installed in non inherited directories. If
the package makes changes in an inherited directory I realize that the
change would be visible.

Each zone would have to be unlocked or the lock would have to be
ignored if patch the system.

The interface would be

#zoneadm –z zonename lock

With the zone locked no changes in the global zone effects the
non-global zones.

#zoneadm –z zonename unlock

Now packages installed after being unlocked would be installed in the
non-global zone at the same time as happens now.
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