James Dickens writes:
> The interface would be
> #zoneadm ?z zonename lock
> With the zone locked no changes in the global zone effects the
> non-global zones.

I'd suggest using a less general term ("pkg-lock", maybe?) and
consider using zonecfg instead.

So what happens with the default sparse-root zones?  If I have a zone
locked and I try to remove a package from the global zone, what
happens?  The bits are going to disappear from the non-global zone
(because it's just using lofs mounts), but the packaging data won't be
removed.  It'll be a phantom.  Similarly, adding packages becomes a
bit strange.  Is this feature available only with whole-root zones?

What happens when the lock is disabled?  If I add another package to
the global zone that depends on things that were added while the lock
was enabled, does that work?  Do I get a flood of things hauled into
the now-unlocked non-global zone by dependency, or does the pkgadd
just fail?  The system is in a funny state at this point.

What happens when a package has system-wide effects?  For example, if
I remove a package containing a device driver from the global zone,
there's no way that package can still exist in any non-global zone, is
there?  It doesn't matter whether that lock flag is set -- because
kernel modules exist only in the global zone, if that package is
removed, the non-global zone (even a whole-root zone) will have to
lose the device.

Otherwise, it looks like a fairly reasonable RFE to me, though I'd be
a bit worried about the long-term administrative effects.  What
distinguishes a pkgadd done for the purpose of adding new application
software from a pkgadd done for the purpose of maintaining the system
itself seems like a bit of a grey area.  (You mention patches, but
patches likely aren't the only issue here.)

Are you looking for someone to file the RFE, or are you planning to
visit bugs.opensolaris.org?

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