Brian Kolaci wrote:

IHAC that needs proof that traffic between local zones on the same system
will not in fact hit the NIC card.  There's two scenarios.

An interesting demand. I wonder if this person has ever asked for proof of other proper computer operation. Do they demand that (pick your favorite software vendor) 'prove' correctness of their software?

First, if one does FTP or scp to transfer files between the zones,
how can I prove it doesn't hit the NIC or wire?  What function in
the IP driver would I look for with DTrace that would hit the NIC or wire?

How is 'snoop' insufficient?

Second, the same proof (not sure why he thinks this but...) for a
filesystem lofs mounted in both zones (from the global zone) and can
just copy files back and forth between the zones without hitting the

?!? As you imply, this has nothing to do with networking. To demonstrate this, you could 'down' the zones' net interfaces and then copy the files.

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