Brian Kolaci wrote:

Essentially he wants to be able to assure his users that the transfers
will be fast and not affect the network users.  If they complain that
during these operations are slow, then he wanted to recommend sharing
a lofs mount and share the data that way (and also be assured that it
won't affect the users coming in via the network).

Oh! Why didn't you say that?  ;-)

The following D script measures inter-zone network packet latency. Latency is very small on modern systems, as you'd expect from memory transfers :-)

You'll need to modify 'execname' values and possibly 'write' and 'recv' depending on the syscalls the app uses. You might also need to modify the values used in the lquantize call.

/execname=="sender" && valid==0/

/execname=="receiver" && valid==1/
  printf ("%d", latency);
  @l[pid]=lquantize(latency, 0, 500000, 10000);

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