James Carlson wrote:
Brian Kolaci writes:
How is 'snoop' insufficient?

The question came up as to whether snoop sees all NIC traffic or just 
wire traffic.
He noted that some NIC's still process the packet but just pass it back 
to the
driver rather than the wire...  He wants to prove that it doesn't even 
hit the NIC.
Will snoop detect all traffic to/from the card ?

Snoop uses DLPI loopback to read the packets.  How it works depends on
the driver implementation (somewhat), but basically you get a copy of
every packet that the upper level (such as IP) sends and a copy of
every packet received on the wire.

It's not necessarily enforced that every packet you see via DLPI
loopback is in fact transmitted -- some might not be -- but the ones
that you don't see aren't sent.

So I'll put together some test cases for him using snoop from the
global zone to prove the case.

Essentially he wants to be able to assure his users that the transfers
will be fast and not affect the network users.  If they complain that
during these operations are slow, then he wanted to recommend sharing
a lofs mount and share the data that way (and also be assured that it
won't affect the users coming in via the network).

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