Brian Kolaci writes:
> IHAC that needs proof that traffic between local zones on the same system
> will not in fact hit the NIC card.  There's two scenarios.

I guess the first question is what sort of proof would be

If we can cite parts of the code, would that help?  Or does this
person need something with a more solid, mathematic basis?

(I have to admit that the word "proof" is tripping me up here.)

> First, if one does FTP or scp to transfer files between the zones,
> how can I prove it doesn't hit the NIC or wire?  What function in
> the IP driver would I look for with DTrace that would hit the NIC or wire?

I would check for calls to put(9F) and putnext(9F) from within the IP
module (which includes TCP).

> Second, the same proof (not sure why he thinks this but...) for a
> filesystem lofs mounted in both zones (from the global zone) and can
> just copy files back and forth between the zones without hitting the
> NIC/wire.


Perhaps the right question in response is: "what problem are you
seeing, and what are you trying to do?"

It's quite unclear to me what would prompt a question about lofs that
looks like the above.

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