Based on an internal question of how many logical interfaces a non global zone can have, I did some sanity testing. But before that, the general answer include:

There is no limit to the interfaces presented to a NGZ

Limits, if any, are at the system level.

Currently the default is 256 total (1 "physical", the rest logical, per interface) with a maximum set via ndd to 8192 (8K).

This is per interface, and if a physical interface (e.g. e1000g1[:1..X]) has VLANs, then this is per VLAN (e1000g1000[:1..X], e1000g1001[:1..X], etc.), where X is determined by ip_addrs_per_if.

Some applications may not behave well when there are so many interfaces present. Even within a non-global zone.

But I wanted to try this out. First test was adding interfaces to a running zone, via 'ifconfig ... addif ... zone ...'. I added over 7000. So ifconfig(1m) does not limit this.

So the real question was does zonecfg cause a limit. The answer is that I did not reach one. I created a config file that had over 8000 'add net' entries. The zone configured, installed, and booted. Only issue was during initial boot with sysidnet taking forever, even with a sysidcfg file, and an NFS service going into maintenance mode.

svc:/network/nfs/status:default (NFS status monitor)
 State: maintenance since Thu Aug 03 13:45:32 2006
Reason: Restarting too quickly.
   See: statd(1M)
   See: /var/svc/log/network-nfs-status:default.log
Impact: This service is not running.


PS. I was impressed with the linearity of ifconfig going through 8K interfaces.
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