Doug, Jeff and all the rest of you guys, Thanks a bunch for all the answers!!!

After your answers and a lot of reading this weekend i have some thoughts on 
where to start.

Since i need to 'create and export' a ZFS filesystem from a Disk Array, here's 
what i will try to do:
1, Make the file system [around 110Gb] [b](/export/home/ftp)[/b] for my ZONE1 
(an Anon FTP Server) in the Global Zone. 

2, [b]'Delegate Datasets to an Non-Global Zone'[/b] as described in the 
[b]'Containers'[/b] Guide. This way the file system area for the Anon FTP 
Server will be 'local'.  

3, This goes for all of my '3' Zones that i will create. I would like to be 
able to mount any DISK POOL from the Array and to have the ability to 
[b]grow[/b] the filesystems during normal hours since we are hosting the better 
part of the world here.

One of my problems is to understand how the access to the Disk Array (HDS 
9970V) is being handled by the Non-Global Zone i.e. 'Anon FTP Server' in 
regards to the Global Zone where HBA Support is part of the Solaris 10. Where 
is the Access and HBA support handled to the ZONE's ? Transparently ?


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