Pierre Klovsjo wrote:
Hello and thanks a lot for quick answers.

By looking at your answer it looks like we are going to go for spare-root

So, then to my second question which is actually something more of a design
question i think...

1, I let's say i have my Main server running with a HBA card attached to a Disk
Array (same as mentioned in my earlier question). I create and mount a nice
disk 'pool' with ZFS and everything is working perfect.

Given the aforementioned limitations regarding zones and ZFS: will Zones and UFS/SVM work for you?

2, I now create ZONE1. I would then like to mount a /export/home/ftp area on
the Disk Array to use as well. Now, What is controlling my access to the HBA
card and Disk Array from my Non-Global zone? How do i see my newly created
/dev/dsk/... on the Array? Do i have to install the same driver into the
non-global zone as i did to the Server itself or?

I don't understand all of what you are trying to do yet, but here are some guidelines and specific questions:

1) The Solaris kernel (including device drivers) controls access to the HBA, regardless of the existence of zones.

2) In general, Traffic Manager (MPxIO) should be managed from the global zone. A zone can be assigned individual access to a file system which is benefitting from Traffic Manager. In that case, the zone benefits from TM without even knowing it is there.

3) Does your application need direct device access, e.g. access to /dev/dsk/...?

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