Hello and thanks a lot for quick answers.

By looking at your answer it looks like we are going to go for spare-root 

So, then to my second question which is actually something more of a design 
question i think... 

1, I let's say i have my Main server running with a HBA card attached to a Disk 
Array (same as mentioned in my earlier question). I create and mount a nice 
disk 'pool' with ZFS and everything is working perfect.

2, I now create ZONE1. I would then like to mount a /export/home/ftp area on 
the Disk Array to use as well. Now, What is controlling my access to the HBA 
card and Disk Array from my Non-Global zone? How do i see my newly created 
/dev/dsk/... on the Array? Do i have to install the same driver into the 
non-global zone as i did to the Server itself or? 

I hope i have succeded in making some sense here since this is bugging me and 
my Manager a little now. 


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