Christine Tran wrote:

I came across a zone example that looks like this:

                dir: /tmp
                special: swap
                raw not specified
                type: tmpfs
                options: ["size=1024"]

Hmm ... I think I know what the person is trying to do, give the zone its own swap space of 1024 (something, bit, byte, ectoplasmic unit - I just checked the manpage and size isn't a mount option).

It is in the man page I just looked at (mount_tmpfs(1M)).

I'm surprised zonecfg let me get away with this, I just did it on S10U2.

zonecfg doesn't know about every option on every filesystem, bundled
and unbundled, that is available on Solaris.  zoneadm does some
basic validation of fs entries but it too does not know about all
of the special options each filesystem might have.

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