Christine Tran wrote:
zonecfg doesn't know about every option on every filesystem, bundled
and unbundled, that is available on Solaris.  zoneadm does some
basic validation of fs entries but it too does not know about all
of the special options each filesystem might have.

Well, is this worth at least a small bug do you think? The person is trying to do X, and this lets him think he has achieved X. On the other hand I may have a valid reason to assign to a zone a tmpfs.

I am a bit leery of that, just because we would have to build in
a lot of specialized knowledge for all of the filesystems we know
about at the time and we could easily get out of sync as filesystems
change.  Plus, of course, we can't really do anything for unbundled
filesystems and we would have to keep an eye out for new ones from
then on.

I realize that this is actually not a big problem in practice since
there are not new filesystems every week and not that many common
unbundled ones.

I would not object to a low priority RFE for validating the bundled
fs options but I can't say we would get to the soon.  Maybe someone
in the community would want to tackle this since it should be straight-
forward to code up?

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