One always has access to all the system resources through global zone.
Looking at it the other way in the context of processors, global zone
can get resources ( CPUs ) from any pool by means of processes with
adequate privileges and/or backed with global zone's project configurations.

Please go through chapter 25 of Zones and Resource Management Admin guide.
Or these two sections in particular:

- Amol

J wrote:
Hi! I created a 2 non global zones on my machine which has 2 cpus. one of which 
(zone1) i allocated with one fixed cpu resource. Checking on the output of 'psrinfo 
-v' on both of the non global zones (zone1 & zone2) sure gave me correct 
results as processor 0 is now assigned only to zone1 and processor 1, which was the 
one left, was just the one seen on zone2. The conflict (?) now came when i 
inspected the output of psrinfo on the global zone because it still showed me the 
two cpus available on the machine, whereas logically, only one cpu should appear 
because the other one is dedicated completely to one non global zone - zone1. Is 
this observation correct? Should global zone still see all of the cpus available? 
whats the explanation for this?

Id appreaciate any inputs. Thanks.
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