Jeff Victor wrote On 08/25/06 08:30,:
Steffen Weiberle wrote:

I have come across this myself and wondered whether it is worthy to file an RFE for an option to see only what is happening in the default pool. I understand the need to see the whole system, but for applications that must run in the global zone, it is of value to see how that pool is doing as well.

The only thing that has helped me so far is poolstat, which lists CPUs, CPUs used, and load average per pool, including the default.

In what way is poolstat insufficient?

Its not between GZ and NGZ. poolstat give little info compared to the other tools.

I realize the question was regarding psrinfo. I was thinking prstat, vmstat, mpstat, etc, but they have various options to do this after all.

No RFE needed. Sorry!

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