I have three SAP database instances/central instances running in three sparse 
zones with no problem.

I have created a new sparse zone for a new SAP installation (Solution Manager 
4.0) and started the installation. SAP requires a 1.4.2 SDK even though Java 
1.5 comes with Solaris 10.  The 1.4.2 SDK is in /usr/j2se.  The installation 
errors out because it can't get "write" rights to  
/usr/j2se/jre/lib/security/local_policy.jar as it is trying to install some 
security encryption JCE component.

I have thought about creating a /usr/j2se_zonename file system, copying the 
contents of /usr/j2se into it and then mounting /usr/j2se_zonename in the zone 
as a lofs with the name /usr/j2se.  However when I do the copy of /usr/j2se I 
get some recursion errors.  

Any thoughts about how to add a writable /usr/j2se into the sparse zone with 
the least amount of effort ?  Otherwise plan B would be to create a "large" 
zone with a writable /usr directory.
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