On Wed 27 Sep 2006 at 01:57PM, Atis Purins wrote:
> I have three SAP database instances/central instances running in three sparse 
> zones with no problem.
> I have created a new sparse zone for a new SAP installation (Solution Manager 
> 4.0) and started the installation. SAP requires a 1.4.2 SDK even though Java 
> 1.5 comes with Solaris 10.  The 1.4.2 SDK is in /usr/j2se.  The installation 
> errors out because it can't get "write" rights to  
> /usr/j2se/jre/lib/security/local_policy.jar as it is trying to install some 
> security encryption JCE component.
> I have thought about creating a /usr/j2se_zonename file system, copying the 
> contents of /usr/j2se into it and then mounting /usr/j2se_zonename in the 
> zone as a lofs with the name /usr/j2se.  However when I do the copy of 
> /usr/j2se I get some recursion errors.  

You might just download the relevant JDK tarball and unpack that
somewhere in your zone (anywhere you like), and point SAP at it...


Get the one called "self extracting file"-- you can unpack that anywhere
you want.


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