Stephen Hahn writes:
> * James Carlson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-10-05 13:47]:
> > Dan Price writes:
> > > On Thu 05 Oct 2006 at 07:16PM, Alan Burlison wrote:
> > > > Someone using Solaris 10 & Zones for hosting provision, cool to see 
>   Probably something to discuss in opensolaris-mktg (or even
>   cab-discuss, if you conclude it's too controversial).  I see Al's made
>   a supporting comment, so maybe best to move to Marketing and see if
>   it's not just a zones thing--would plain hosting with any OpenSolaris
>   distribution be worth a mention?

I'm not too opposed to seeing "happily used by" links on, though there's probably a fuzzy line there between
promoting Open Solaris and just plain old advertising.

It might be better still if this were somehow an automatically-
generated assemblage of www.$ links, so
that each distribution would get a chance to post and maintain the
contacts they know about.

The original message posted here, though, was about S10.  Perhaps it's
a too-pedantic distinction to be made, but it seems to me that citing
this on as evidence of the utility of Open Solaris
might be a bit risky.  It's not actually Open Solaris, though it is

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