Peter Schow wrote:
Hi Ben,

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 11:42:45AM -0800, Ben Rockwood wrote:
I'm seeking an update on this matter.  I don't see any ARC cases open on the 
issue, I can't even seem to find a bug id.  Any updates and timeframes, 
bugid's, etc, for this issue would be helpful.

The RFE is:

  4964859 Zones should be able to be NFS servers

That RFE is for serving NFS from within a non-global zone. I need to run a non-global zone on NFS, ie:

# mount -F nfs server:/zones /zones
# zonecfg -z MyZone create -a /zones/MyZone
# zoneadm -z MyZone attach -n /zones/MyZone
# zoneadm -z MyZone boot

While LOFI provides a workaround, I don't see it as adequate for real-world use.

I'm currently doing zone migration based on iSCSI LUN's, but this is complex, using NFS would provide a much simpler and more managable solution.

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