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> Howdy,
> Ben brought up the idea of running zones on NFS file systems a few
months back:
> http://www.opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?messageID=81240&#81240
> Have the zones team given any consideration to implementing a
> supported straight forward solution for this? This capability would
> have come in handy this week at my job, and it sure would be a useful
> feature to have.

This is an often requested feature that I would be very interested in
as well.  Is there a discussion somewhere of what the real stumbling
blocks here are?  It seems as though it comes down to...

<zonepath> needs to be be mountable rw from the global zone.

<zonepath>/dev needs to be rw,devices mountable from the global zone,
then lofs mounted into the non-global zone.  Yuck.

<zonepath>/root needs to be rw mountable in the global zone (at least
during install and uninstall) and non-global zone during normal

All of this seems rather straight-forward, except for the lofs mount.
This could be worked around by rather than having a normal dev
directory, a file "dev.ufs" is created.  As the zone is being mounted,
dev.ufs could be lofi mounted at <zonepath>/dev.  At this point it is
UFS, not NFS and can be lofs mounted into the non-global zone.

Surely I am missing something else.  What is it?  Any interesting
complications with patching and/or live upgrade?


Mike Gerdts
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It sounds like (at least based on the description) that the 'Filesystem
driven device naming' project might be able to address /dev -- it implies
that /dev would become a pseudo-fs that could perhaps be mounted in a zone
(with only the correct devices visible for the zone).

However, given the lack of public activity, I have no idea if it's even
still alive.  Perhaps someone more familiar with the project can comment?
Alive? Dead? Pining for the fjords?
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