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Could you explain how LOFI over NFS would not meet real world
I'm not arguing against LOFI or NFS.... but for production containers pairing the two isn't acceptable. Managing all the LOFI's along with the mounts themselves causes a number of issues and defeats the point. Mind you, I'm already using iSCSI, I want to use NFS to reduce the management complexity.

NFS is nearly as reliable as SAN now, I am sure the arguments could fly
either way.

If you look at it from one perspective, NFS is a file system virtualized
over the network.  Similar SAN is the same in logic, a virtualized but
dedicated network storage device (mind you they have different devices
involved).  Placing it in a LOFI just encapsulates the volume and
simulates it as local, similar to a fabric in a SAN.  If NFS (network
component) or a SAN (fabric aka network component) were to fail, in
either case the data being transmitted would be at risk.  So why is it
not production worthy?

Sun supports NFS
Sun supports LOFI
Sun supporting LOFI over an NFS should just be a mind set we can change
since they do not officially support this now.

So what are the real world expectations you wish to see?

I personally just want to see Sun support what exists and is currently
feasible first.

There are so many features and possibilities in Solaris that are not
supported today, its only time until they get "production" approved by
At Joyent we're running Nevada in production. ZFS end-to-end. Next week when B55 SX:CR rolls out we'll be pushing it into production. I care only about quality, not a stamp or some support contract.

BTW, your Veritas stuff needs a little updating for major version
changes... Was was useful in "refreshing" some of my Veritas skills in a
recent project.

Feel free to update them. I accept DocBook/XML unified differential patches. Alternately, stop using VxVM.

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