On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 07:00:23AM -0800, mario heimel wrote:
> TSM client is supported in non-global-zones (only zsf is not supported)
> we have in every zone a TSM client, which backuped the entire Zone (FS and 
> Oracle/SAP with rman ), so you can move zones without a reconfigure of TSM.
> lofs mounts are per default excluded.

So any "rw" lofs mounts in a non-global zone will be backed up by the
TSM client in the global zone.  Seems reasonable.

There is one final opportunity for "double backup" the case "TSM client
in every zone" case.  That is each non-global zone's "/" filesystem.

For instance:
        global zone:
                "/zones" mounted on /dev/dsk/whatever, with subdir
                "/" is mounted on /zones/zone_a/root, a "ufs" mount from the
                perspective on zone_a.

        /zones/zone_a/root/var is just a regular directory (not a mountpoint)
          inside of the /zones filesystem mounted on /dev/dsk/whatever.

>From global zone:
        TSM client backup of "/zones" or "/zones/zone_a" will backup

>From zone_a:
        TSM client backup of "/" will backup /var, backing up
        /zones/zone_a/root/var again.


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