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I can make some general suggestions on how to avoid duplicate backups, but
I'm not very familiar with TSM, or your specific backup requirements.

Does the TSM backup client run in the global zone, the non-global zones,
or both?

Only in the global zone. I did test it in the zones and it seems to run
well, was wondering if I should in fact
use the global tsm scheduler and run dsmc i within each zones thru the pre
or postschedulecmd options.
That would allow the end users to be able to access tsm thru the "old" way
in each zone. Of course this is not
officially supported by IBM at this time, which is one of the reasons I'm
reluctant to do it... you cannot mess with backups...
The other case encountered are databases (oracle rman, sybase and else)
which rely on a backup client binary to be available
to run their backups...

What is the "default TSM configuration" that results in these duplicate

After reading your mail, I decided to run a test again from scratch (guess
being quietly at home helps :))

Created a test file into the ufs filesystem exported thru lofs as /var in
the zone

vsmd8008:/zones #touch /zones/virtual-filesystems/dbsz8005/var/test
vsmd8008:/zones #dsmc i /zones/dbsz8005
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Command Line Backup/Archive Client Interface
 Client Version 5, Release 3, Level 4.4
 Client date/time: 01/24/07   18:51:35
(c) Copyright by IBM Corporation and other(s) 1990, 2006. All Rights

Node Name: VSMD8008
Session established with server NBU35: AIX-RS/6000
 Server Version 5, Release 3, Level 2.4
 Server date/time: 01/24/07   18:47:39  Last access: 01/24/07   18:46:39

Incremental backup of volume '/zones/dbsz8005'
ANS1898I ***** Processed    13,500 files *****
ANS1898I ***** Processed    25,500 files *****
ANS1898I ***** Processed    36,500 files *****
ANS1898I ***** Processed    51,000 files *****
ANS1898I ***** Processed    65,000 files *****
ANS1898I ***** Processed    74,000 files *****
Special File-->                0 /zones/dbsz8005/root/etc/saf/_sacpipe
Special File-->                0 /zones/dbsz8005/root/etc/saf/zsmon/_pmpipe
Normal File-->               309
Normal File-->               309
Successful incremental backup of '/zones/dbsz8005'
Guess after all, it didn't backup the file being into the lofs mount... good

Does the "default TSM configuration" traverse mountpoints?

Doesn't appear to be the case ...

In general I would suggest NOT backing up any lofs mounts.  For instance,
if you want to backup
"Everything", on the system, backup all mountpoints of fstypes that you
are interested in, from
the global zone.

Point well taken here. Guess that would mean that backups shouldn't run from
within a zone on a 100% lofs based zone right ?

  Also, is there a reason for the "logging" fs option to the lofs mounts?

The old document I was using as a reference had that listed originally, time
to update the template used by
my zone builder script.



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