I can make some general suggestions on how to avoid duplicate backups, but I'm 
not very familiar with TSM, or your specific backup requirements.

Does the TSM backup client run in the global zone, the non-global zones, or 

What is the "default TSM configuration" that results in these duplicate backups?
Does the "default TSM configuration" traverse mountpoints?

In general I would suggest NOT backing up any lofs mounts.  For instance, if 
you want to backup
"Everything", on the system, backup all mountpoints of fstypes that you are 
interested in, from
the global zone.

For instance, if you want to backup all ufs, zfs, and whateverfs filesytems, 
backup these
mountpoints from global zone:

# fstypes='ufs|zfs|whateverfs'
# mount -v | /usr/xpg4/bin/egrep " type ($fstypes) " | /usr/bin/awk '{ print 

And "do not" traverse mountpoints.

I'd say that the caveat here is that if any non-global zones have non-lofs 
filesystems (add fs, type=ufs, for example), then these zones will need to be 
ready or booted in order for their filesystems be be backed up by the global 
If the TSM client can and needs to run in each non-global zone, then a more 
complex backup
configuration will be required.  You'll need to determine which zone (global or 
non-global) should
be responsible for backups/restores on a per-filesystem basis.

Also, is there a reason for the "logging" fs option to the lofs mounts?
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