Mike Gerdts wrote:
One of the effects of setting capped-memory resource control for swap
is that the size of /tmp is also limited.  Unlike when a tmpfs size
limit is set with the size=... mount option, "df /tmp" does not
display a value that is reflective of the limits that are put in
place.  Similarly, vmstat and "swap -l" running inside the zone give
no indication that there is a cap smaller than the system-wide limits.
Am I missing something here?

No, you're not missing something.  We did not make any changes to
show you the cap when you run those commands within the zone.
Steve and I will talk about this and file an RFE for enhancing those
commands to show the swap limit.

I do see that some of the values I am looking for are available
through kstat (thank you!).  Is there some more user-friendly tool
(already or coming) to use inside the zone?

You can see the rctl value using something like
'prctl -n zone.max-swap -i zone my-zone' which can be run
inside my-zone.

Oh, and the question that everyone at work will ask when I tell them
about this - when will it find its way into Solaris?  :)

We have completed the backport to S10u4 and we are now waiting to
see if we will get approved to integrate into that release.

Let use know if you have any more questions or comments about how
this is working for you.


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