On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 10:17:42PM -0600, Mike Gerdts wrote:
> I just got a chance to start playing with the capped memory resource
> controls in build 56.  At first blush, this looks to be *very* good
> stuff.  My initial testing included some very basic single process
> memory hog tests and multiple process mmap(..., MAP_SHARED,...) tests.
> In each case, the limits kicked in as I expected, and prstat -Z
> running from the global zone gave what appeared to be accurate
> information.  Great job!
> One of the effects of setting capped-memory resource control for swap
> is that the size of /tmp is also limited.  Unlike when a tmpfs size
> limit is set with the size=... mount option, "df /tmp" does not
> display a value that is reflective of the limits that are put in
> place.  Similarly, vmstat and "swap -l" running inside the zone give
> no indication that there is a cap smaller than the system-wide limits.
> Am I missing something here?

Swap -l shows details about swap devices, and we don't know in particular
how much each zone is using each swap device.  We could do something with
vmstat and "swap -s".

We are looking to improve the general observability of resource limits
and utilization for zones.  It is a bit tricky though, as caps are not
reservations.  Since all zones share the same swap devices, mocking up size
to be equal to cap can lead to confusing output, such as used > size,
capacity > 100%, etc.  Other confusing things include the fact that your
usage can be less than your cap, but there can still be no swap available
if the swap devices are full.  The swap and vmstat commands as they currently
exist cannot express these scenerios.

The sort answer is, we're working on it.

> I do see that some of the values I am looking for are available
> through kstat (thank you!).  Is there some more user-friendly tool
> (already or coming) to use inside the zone?

No ETA at this time.

> Oh, and the question that everyone at work will ask when I tell them
> about this - when will it find its way into Solaris?  :)
> Mike
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