Lutz Steinbach wrote:

I checked the docs for statements about cross-hardware zone moves but
couldn't find anything. There are actually two aspects of the question:

1) Moves within the same platform: Are all zone moves between different
machine hardware classes considered to be supported? Is the move of a zone
from a 25k domain (sun4u) to a T2000 (sun4v) OK? If so, is it equally OK to
move a zone from a 25k domain to a FSC PrimePower system (sun4us)?

I have been told that this will not work.  I have not tried it myself.

2) Cross-platform moves: is there a way to move a zone from SPARC to x86 or
vice versa?

This would not be supported. And it should be pretty obvious that moving a whole-root zone (including all of those binaries) from one CPU brand to another would not work.

However, I moved a sparse-root zone from SPARC to x86 and it worked correctly. This works because a sparse-root zone only contains a few binaries that are (almost?) never used any more. The config files in a sparse-root zone have exactly the same format on all hardware (Solaris is the same source code everywhere). The shell scripts in a sparse-root zone are the same, too.

In the real world you would need to be very careful about the location of binaries. And, again, it wouldn't be supported. But it seems to work... ;-)

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