I've did some tests with zones on SF25k (sun4u) and on FSC PP2500 (sun4us). The 
zones got created separately on each machine as whole root zone, no FS was 
inherited from the global zone. The zones root FS have been put on Hitachi SAN 
devs, using UFS. Everything was put into a VCS failover group to ease zone 
switching. The OS release used was 01/06, hence we've got no OS detach/attach 
support and had to care ourselves for matching pkgs/patches etc.

Everything went through just fine. Zones created on sun4u could be moved to 
sun4us and back again as  zones created on sun4us could be moved to sun4u and 
back again. The machine class of the system where the non-global zone was 
created seems to be of no relevance for zone migrations.

These tests met my expectations as I assume, that all kernel 
structures/functions needed for zones are implemented in kernel subsystems that 
rely on but don't contain any hardware specific code. So I don't see, why there 
is no clear statement, that cross-hardware zone migrations are supported. 

>From a sysadmin point of view this matters, because one of the main reason we 
>push the use of zones is that we hope to benefit massively from it by having 
>in the future snappy migrations. Most likely the hardware involved then won't 
>be the same it is now ;-)

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