The Real Warren Belfer wrote:

Phil Freund wrote:


All of the zones were booted to milestone all when 119254-34 was

applied. Since the patch didn't require a reboot, I did it with all
zones and global fully operational.

Hi folks,

I wonder if someone could help me understand if it is necessary to
install this patch with everything in milestone=all and more
importantly, where this is documented. I didn't see anything about
this in the patch README. It seems contrary to the more common (and
often necessary) practice of installing most patches in Single User.

In general, is there any place I can read up on the specifics
of patching machines with zones?



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119254-32 contains a fix that is vital to patching in single user mode with zones ( that is zones that are halted ) it is necessary to install this patch in Multi User Mode ( actually patch does not specify any dependency on Single user Mode ) But I will clarify this in a patch README note in 119254/119255-36 which will b e released in the coming days

In general the patch README specifiies if the patch is reboot immediate, reboot required etc.

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