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119254-32 contains a fix that is vital to patching in single user mode with zones ( that is zones that are halted ) it is necessary to install this patch in Multi User Mode ( actually patch does not specify any dependency on Single user Mode ) But I will clarify this in a patch README note in 119254/119255-36 which will b e released in the coming days

In general the patch README specifiies if the patch is reboot immediate, reboot required etc.


Thanks Edna, that helps a lot. But most folks apply patches in bulk,
and if one, like the Kernel patch requires single user, then typically
they all get installed in single user. I have never heard of anyone
breaking up the Rec and Sec cluster into pieces that may be installed
in multi user versus those that cannot.

It seems to me that if a patch _must_ be installed in multi-user, that
fact should be flagged in big letters at the top of the patch README.

I would still like to know if there are any resources that explain
patching systems with zones - or should it just work no matter how
we do it ? :-)


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