Peter Memishian wrote:
 > > It might be nice to have a full list of the (otherwise Sun supported)
 > > NICs which don't work, if there isn't one already.  I wasn't aware
 > > of this particular limitation.  Do you know of such a list?
> > At the beginning, Crossbow will only support GLDv3 NICs. Is there a
 > list of all NICs supported by Sun with Solaris 10?

I don't follow. Crossbow is not currently in any release of S10.

My statement "At the beginning..." meant "When the first part(s) of Crossbow are in Solaris 10." At this point, IP Instances will probably be that "first part" and that is what I was talking about.

are plans for Crossbow (once available) to make use of the softmac GLDv3
driver being provided by Clearview to allow any Solaris network driver to
be used -- GLDv3 or otherwise.  For a more definitive statement, please
ask crossbow-discuss.

Agreed.  I got my info from Erik N., and I'm confident that he is on that alias.

If you're talking about IP Instances, the restriction is not tied
specifically to GLDv3, but rather on the DLPI styles offered by the
network driver, as Jim previously described.

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