>Not sure about the socket option (should still work ... ?), but IP
>Instances did nuke the symbols that pidentd was reading out of the
>kernel, so that utility is now broken.

I also have no idea about that option and how it is affected by the
IP instances project.  I am assuming it is now "per-instance" rather than

>> In that scenario, there's one pidentd which runs in the global zone and it
>> gets all identd calls for all zones which do not have exclusive IP 
>> instances; it is then able to resolve all identd queries but using 
>> nameservices relative to the global zone.
>I'd sort of like to know how it does that reliably ... does it fork
>and enter the zone?

It does not resolve names local to the local zones; but it can easily
find all the appropriate uids and processes.  No different from traditional
Solaris with multiple interfaces.

>In any event, I think that getting something other than /dev/kmem for
>these sorts of applications (pidentd isn't the only one; there's also
>lsof and probably ntop as well) would be a _very_ nice thing to have.

Yep.  But defining an interface is hairy, specially considering locking
and performance.


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