If all you want to do is audit your connections, you might want to look at either BSM or BSM with Trusted Extensions (TX). It might be overkill, but that's up to what you want to accomplish. I'd have to assume that in a school environment, you have
to worry about the "rebellious"

TX will let you setup a internal vs. public zone for added security. It will even let you have a Teachers vs Students internal local zone, where teachers can see into the students data, but students can't view the teachers,
or course the other way around is possible for assignment sharing.

There's also a [EMAIL PROTECTED] security discussion dist list that's been very helpful to me.

Feel free to take a gander: http://web.mac.com/robert.bailey

Bob Bailey

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That's a real pain as that prevent us to use zones as hosting servers for
users :
- we are a school and we just want to identify connections. Starting with mail
Zones would break our identification model.
It would be real nice if some solution could be found.


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