On my machine (running s01u4_06) I have 3 local zones.

pship2 @ / $ zoneadm list -cv
 ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
0 global running / native shared 2 cz2 running /zones/cz2 my_brand shared 5 cz4 running /zones/cz4 native shared - cz3 installed /zones/cz3 lx shared
pship2 @ / $

cz2 is "my_brand" branded zone

pship2 @ / $ zoneadm -z cz2 mount
zoneadm: zone 'cz2': mount operation is invalid for branded zones.

Why is mount command disallowed for a branded zone ?
I can boot the zone, using the normal zoneadm -z cz2 boot command

Note: The config.xml and platform.xml for "my_brand" is identical to the "native" brand except for the brand name.


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