Tirthankar wrote:
Why is mount command disallowed for a branded zone ?
I can boot the zone, using the normal zoneadm -z cz2 boot command

The mount command is an undocumented command that is used primarily
to support safe zone upgrades.

If you look at the spec for the scratch zone in PSARC/2005/474
you can see that the scratch zone lofs mounts etc and var from
within the zone (unfortunately the spec is not visible on the
opensolaris arc page).  This only makes sense for native zones
and would almost certainly make the scratch zone unusable for
most brands.  Since the first branded zone we have is the lx zone,
it looks like the project team decided to disallow mounting for
all non-native branded zones.

I have been thinking about a few changes to the mount command
so that we could use the scratch zone to safely access any branded
zone but I haven't done any work on that yet.


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