Hi Enda,

This provides a good opportunity to clear up some misinformation.

The BrandZ "lx" zone type does not use standard patch/package

There will be BrandZ zone types that do use standard patch/package
commands. The Cluster group is developing now a "cluster" BrandZ
zone type that uses the BrandZ callbacks to enhance a zone.
The "cluster" BrandZ uses standard patch/package commands.
The Zones & BrandZ team in Solaris told us that a BrandZ approach
was the correct way to enhance a zone.

We are now in the middle of correcting these problems.

If you have information about places where this problem
appears, please let us know so that we can fix the problem.


Enda O'Connor ( Sun Micro Systems Ireland) wrote:
Tirthankar wrote:

On my machine (running s01u4_06) I have 3 local zones.

pship2 @ / $ zoneadm list -cv
ID NAME STATUS PATH BRAND IP 0 global running / native shared 2 cz2 running /zones/cz2 my_brand shared 5 cz4 running /zones/cz4 native shared - cz3 installed /zones/cz3 lx shared
pship2 @ / $

cz2 is "my_brand" branded zone

pship2 @ / $ zoneadm -z cz2 mount
zoneadm: zone 'cz2': mount operation is invalid for branded zones.

Why is mount command disallowed for a branded zone ?
I can boot the zone, using the normal zoneadm -z cz2 boot command

Note: The config.xml and platform.xml for "my_brand" is identical to the "native" brand except for the brand name.

mount is an internal state used by the patch/package commands only.
It basically does some mount magic, such that the zone's zone is mounted in from the global lofs, plus /dev etc. Not really applicable to a zone that is not native as it cannot be patched.

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