Another idea: print a message to the global zone's console:

[WARNING: Zone <zonename> has booted but lacks system identity. Log into the zone's console to complete configuration]

Dan Price wrote:
On Wed 09 May 2007 at 09:55AM, Stephen Hahn wrote:
* Michael Barrett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007-05-09 08:43]:
Just your normal stuff but no nfs or syslog. I do see that sysidtool:net is offline. I'm guessing this is my issue.

svc:/system/sysidtool:net (sysidtool)
 State: offline since Thu May 03 06:39:14 2007
Reason: Start method is running.
   See: sysidtool(1M)
   See: /var/svc/log/system-sysidtool:net.log
Impact: 24 dependent services are not running.  (Use -v for list.)

Nothing exciting in that log file.
  Usually this output means that the sysid tools are waiting for user
  input on the (zone) console (which is why they have infinite timeouts):

$ svcprop -p start sysidtool:net
start/exec astring /lib/svc/method/sysidtool-net
start/timeout_seconds count 0
start/type astring method

You know, we've seen this come up many times.  I was wondering if
anyone has any suggestions about how we could clue users in about
this problem?  Is there any way to provide greater diagnosis?

Is there some way that this service could publish a hint about
itself?  Or something else we should do?  Should zlogin print a warning
when it logs you in on non-console?  We could do something like...

# zlogin myzone
[Connected to zone 'cuphead' pts/4]
[WARNING: Zone lacks system identity.  Log into the console to complete 

Or something else?

I'm open to any and all suggestions.


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