>> Can anyone, in lamens (ex linux) terms explain the differences between
>> virtual/swap/rss/size/physical etc or recomend a good
>> blog/article/document.
>I don't know Linux terms, so I'll define terms for this conversation:
>* physical memory: RAM, memory chips
>* VM (virtual memory): the total memory space available, both in RAM and
>   on disk

I'll add:

* swap: the amount of disk space set aside to copy physical memory to when 
copying it out of RAM
* rss: Resident Set Size - the part of a process address space which is 
currently resident in RAM
* size: The total address space used by a process
* physical - various definitions, most common one i've seen is the total 
amount of RAM in the system. Also refered to as 'real' in some places

And a link I found that might be of some use:


>The terms in zonecfg are:
>* set physical=  this is what I am calling "physical memory"
>* set swap=      this is VM - the total address space available to the 
>So if you want to limit the zone's processes to 384MB of VM and 128MB of 
RAM, use:
>add capped-memory
>set physical=128m
>set swap=384m

>If you already have added these, you must use "select capped-memory" 
>of "add capped-memory".
>Does that help?
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